Free Scheduling Software - AceShift

Shift Allocation Actions

Shifts times are created without a worker being allocated to that shift. In the actions here, a worker who has the required position and is available for the time of a shift, may be allocated to that shift. After allocation it is possible to reverse this action.

If the usage of AceShift was such that workers could allocate themselves to shifts, then the System Administrator would remove the visibility of Allocate Shift, so that the worker currently logged in can only allocate themself to a shift.

The System Administrator would not normally have both Allocate Shift and Allocate Current User actions visible.

Provision is made for the unallocated shifts to be selected, so that allocation of a worker to these shifts may be performed.

A worker may also be associated with a location for subsequent allocation to the same location. This is used for a worker who becomes familiar with working in a given location. Preference could then be given to select workers who have previously worked in that given location. It is possible to de-associate a worker so that this action is reversed.

The Automatic Shift Allocation action is not yet implemented.

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